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Hey! Quick question.
Hey all! Sorry for the late reply, IRL is a busy place.

@Pwimawh_Kiogah I've sent you a PM with info in it (you've probably already read it by the time you see this) about your breeding test.

@DrumminBeard Wow, I'm glad to see another wants to join! Hope you like Amethyst 0mega if you make it!!

@Black Waterfall I agree with 0kamii. If you want to test DrumminBeard, go right ahead!

@0kamii Oh, I've missed you, good friend! Glad to know you're out there, invisible hand. (Also, you got a Switch too?!?)

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PM me if you need help with competitive battling!
@0kamii It's been a while! Nice to see you're still working behind the scenes, we missed you! We all know how it is, real life always comes first --- I hope everything has been going well for you! Hope to see you again soon.

@RetroTyphlosion Yes, let's do this! I'll take care of DrumminBeard's guild test.

@DrumminBeard Can you PM me telling me when you are available for the test? I need to give you some more info too.
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