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I can't catch Tapu Fini?
Hey guys, I'm kind of new to the deeper mechanics of Pokemon, and I've been having a hell of a time trying to catch Tapu Fini, which is the last Tapu I need. Sadly, I've already used my Master Ball on Necrozma. I guess I'd just like someone to tell me if I'm using some obviously dumb strategy, or if my team is stupid, or if I just haven't tried enough- whatever's keeping me from catching it! I'm new to a lot of this, so I need an explaination that doesn't assume I know much. 

My current team I've been rolling with since the E4 is Incineroar, Snorlax, Primarina, Solgaleo, Alolan Raichu, and Lurantis.
I've been basically used Raichu to paralyze or Prima to sleep and then Snorlax to use Hold Back and then spamming Ultra Balls to catch the other 3 Tapus. My issue with Fini has been that the battles have been going for so long that it's running out of PP and then using Struggle and killing itself. I switched to using Net Balls because I heard they had a better capture rate, but even still I couldn't catch it before it KO'd itself. Aqua Ring just keeps it from being at 1 HP constantly, and makes the fights drag on. I've talked to a few friends and they said they've been doing something similar, and that they managed to catch it. 

I also tried a battle where I tried to do something about it's Aqua Ring from reading a bit about people trying to catch Kyogre. I taught Incineroar Taunt (which is probably a bad move since he's Fire type, I realize, but my other 'mons outside of this team are so low level) and tried to keep it from ever getting to use Aqua Ring before I put it to sleep. I managed to mess up that strategy, let it use Aqua Ring, and then it ended up killing itself eventually. I could just keep restarting the battle and using the brute force method, but I feel like I'm going about this the wrong way. I've fought 3 or 4 extremely long battles now, and I really don't want to keep doing it if I don't have to. The other Tapus were nowhere near as difficult as this one has been. Have I just not thrown enough balls to catch something that's supposed to have a low capture rate? Is there a better team I could be using? 

Any help/suggestions/explanations would be really appreciated!
Do you want her in a particular ball? I have an extra master ball that I can give you.

Honestly all I can say is that you might just be having a bit of bad luck with her. I had to paralyze her with my Alolan Raichu then had my my wishiwashi tank the hits while it was at low health. After that I threw like 50 ultra balls, ran out, restarted, then went back to flinging pokeballs at her again. It took me until my third reset to catch her in a premier ball! A premier ball of all things! Dx

I had only tossed that because I was frustrated and she stayed. If you don't want to use a master ball, I suggest timer balls since it works better the longer the battle goes out. Outside of that it's just pure luck to catch one. From what I see anyway. >3>;
Ahhh that's very kind of you! I currently can't get my DS connected to the internet because of college wifi, so I don't think I can take it off your hands. I think I'll just have to keep trying for now! Thank you for encouraging me, I feel a little bit better that I'm not the only one who struggled with it!
First off throw a quick ball at it if that fails have a Pokemon that knows false swipe or holdback and use that till its down to 1 hp, then put it to sleep/paralyse then start on the ultra balls. If you're getting so far into a battle that you're running out of PP, then start using timer balls, they work off the amount of turns in a battle(the more the better). Good luck!

EDIT: Not sure if Tapu's are harder to catch than Solgaleo, but I just caught Solgaleo on my 2nd try with it at 1/3
health at night with a dusk ball.

EDIT 2: Just caught Tapu Koko on very low health on 15th+ try with a great ball Smile
Each Tapu has the lovely catch rate of 3/255, meaning you're going to have a more difficult time than the vast majority of previous encounters.

As @Brockahly said, try throwing a Quick Ball at it as soon as the battle starts. If that doesn't work, whittle its HP down as far as you can and chuck Net or Dusk Balls. Both of these have a higher capture multiplier of 3.5x than Ultra Balls at 2x. I'm not sure if the Ruins count as caves, so just stick with Net Balls or battle it at night.

Of course, statuses help. Sleep and Freeze are most effective giving a multiplier of 2x, but they don't last forever and are hard to pull off with their limited chance of landing. Stick with paralysis (capture multiplier 1.5x) if battles go on for too long and Fini does heavy damage upon switching.

Going by this,
If Fini is in red HP, paralyzed/burned/poisoned, and you are using a Net Ball or similar, you have a ~9% chance of capturing it.

If it is asleep or frozen, in red HP, and you are using a Net Ball or similar, you have a ~18% chance of capturing it.
Not particlarly relevant, but I did catch Necrozma in a Beast Ball.

High impact memes
<3 Fire Emblem <3 Pokémon
Others have given you some good strategies to try out going forward, but I just wanted to say that - to me at least - it sounds like you are just getting unlucky.  I don't think you are doing anything wrong, and you won't need a Masterball for the capture.  Just keep trying!  You'll get that last tapu eventually.
Thank you guys for your suggestions! I'll keep trying! Smile

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