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I'm New Here!
Big Grin 
Hello! My name is Sufiyan or DuckSuf as my friends call me! I've been playing Pokemon since HeartGold and SoulSilver and have since developed a love and passion for the beautiful game. With my arrival at the community, I hope to develop bonds and friendships with all or most of the community here! You guys are awesome and keep making Pokemon as fun and great as it is today! Smile
Welcome Ducksuf. We have a great community for trading, battling, and breeding. I like the nickname! my friends all call me ducky. 
Hope you enjoy your time on here  :D
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
Hey welcome to the community I really hope you enjoy your time here and if you are ever looking for any Pokemon or wanting to battle just ask me I'll help you out.. And hey I'll buddy you ok??
To help take Everyone a True Pokemon Master!!! That is my misson
FC:2122-9982-9277. IGN pat

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