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[IMPORTANT] A Friend Needs Some Help...
Hello guys, Kris here. Today, with the moderators' permission, I've come to in a time of need, for your help. Please take a moment of your time to read this. One of my best friends, Chance, has hit deep financial struggle, to the point where in as little as 2 Months he and his family will be forced to move out, and he has to go with them to either just a new hotel room every few days, or it getting so bad, he'll be forced to live in a basement until something else comes along, and as you can imagine, he doesn't want this. But how did this happen? Well an unfortunate debt showed up and we fear he won't be able to pay it in time, because of a really low paying job, earning only minimum wage, he is unable to move out, and so some of that money goes to his parents. With his father unemployed and despite his mother getting paid as a full-time nurse, we fear that may not be enough soon. Considering the circumstances, me and a group of friends threw together a GoFundMe campaign to try raise enough money for him to pay the debt and go towards him moving out. I'll not ask you to donate, however doing so would be immensely appreciated, but I do ask you share this around, whether it be online or irl, please share this and get as many people as you can to see this. Thank you, Pokemon Forever.
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(Mar 21, 2018, 06:54 PM)Kris Wrote: Ima be honest, i cried a little cuz thats just so sad  Sad Sad Sad
Damn. The financial world is a terrifying and brutal place, is it not?

Send him my best.
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