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[IMPORTANT] Choose Amethyst 0mega's Newest Member!
Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and this post was meant to go up on Saturday, but let's not focus on that.

It's been a while since we've inducted any new members into the Amethyst 0mega breeding guild, and since I hope that we can start doing MORE events than we have, it's about time to choose the from the candidates YOU selected! Everyone in the guild chose a potential nominee, and it'll be up to you all, the good people of the Breeding/Trading forum, to induct the member you all trust with your breeding endeavors! So without further ado, here the candidates selected by the Amethyst 0mega breeders!

Nominee 1: @Tenebris_Kane
 Selected by both @wartty and @ScottyThunder, Tenebris_Kane has certainly gained bit of prominence in the forums as of late. They must have if two of the guild members believe they're worthy of a nomination. While I've never personally worked with Tenebris_Kane, I trust my fellow guild members' judgment. They also have their own breedject shop right here.

Nominee 2: @Sharkfang2193

Nominated by Amethyst 0mega breeder @RetroTyphlosion, the self-proclaimed 'mass breeder' Sharkfang2193 has shown no hesitation in their involvement with the community. With over 300 posts, and an eagerness to please, Sharkfang2193 happily accepted their nomination. If you've had good experiences working with Sharkfang, let us know in the thread below.

Nominee 3: @SeirraXechO

And lastly, the newest and most unknown candidate was nominated by me, @0kamii. With a history of recreational breeding under their belt, SeirraXechO has openly expressed a desire to participate more actively in the online breeding circuit. Their feelings towards breeding can be defined in a word as: Passionate. Also keep in mind that 'experience' means nothing. I'm a self-taught breeder, so don't think that you can't trust SeirraXechO just because they've the least reputation.

Guild breeder @LittleFoxS, did not nominate a candidate.

Those are the three users that we want you all to choose from! The poll will be up for a week, so the newest member will be announced by next Monday. Good luck to all the nominees, and don't forget to ask the already existing members of Amethyst 0mega for help in all your breeding endeavors! That's why we're here after all!

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
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No offense to @SeirraXechO but in my opinion your first to go. Then it comes down to @Tenebris_Kane and @Sharkfang2193. From personal experience I must choose @Tenebris_Kane for my vote (not that İ matter, lol)
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ
Good luck guys
Timezone is GMT+10 (AEST)

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This suspense is dreadful, a whole week of watching votes... Anyway, I hope everybody gets the votes they deserve and I want to say good luck to @Sharkfang2193 and @SeirraXechO and congrats on getting nominated  Big Grin
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One week of pure nervousness almost like you're waiting for the test results that show whether or not you got accepted into you're #1 choice but anyways

Good luck to both @Tenebris_Kane and @SeirraXechO in the voting Big Grin

P.s. I'm assuming we 3 aren't supposed to vote right ?
Words i live by - Good Luck and Chance.

I wondered if we were allowed to vote as well but I wasn't sure whether I should ask.

Personally I haven't voted for myself so we could just agree not to?
They would just cancel each other's out anyway if we did.
I am currently seeking help coming up with movesets for unusual Pokémon with egg moves, PM me for more details
(will reward with some battle-ready Pokémon)
It's gonna be clooooooooose!
Might wanna call in @FireTaco for a tiebreaker!
BTW, @0kamii, when does  poll close?
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It says underneath the poll that it closes next tuesday (November 14) so I think that will be correct since he Said in his post the poll will last a week
I am currently seeking help coming up with movesets for unusual Pokémon with egg moves, PM me for more details
(will reward with some battle-ready Pokémon)
2 candidates that have been here less than 2 months versus a candidate that's been here for over 2 years, easy choice lel
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*JUMPS THROUGH OPEN DOOR* (not breaking it or any windows in the process)

 [Image: Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_2.14.41_PM.png]^ *as of me seeing it*

@Tenebris_Kane  and @Sharkfang2193  as it is between the two of you and I want this to be as un-bias as possiable I would like each of you to state a few facts about your experiances, such as abiliy to get Hidden Powers or egg moves.  You should also add the reasources you have, such as dittos with specific ivs.  Also the amount of time you have been breeding would be great.   


May the odds be forever in your favor  Big Grin

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