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[IMPORTANT] Choose Amethyst 0mega's Newest Member!
(Nov 7, 2017, 08:01 AM)Sharkfang2193 Wrote: One week of pure nervousness almost like you're waiting for the test results that show whether or not you got accepted into you're #1 choice but anyways

Good luck to both @Tenebris_Kane and @SeirraXechO in the voting Big Grin

P.s. I'm assuming we 3 aren't supposed to vote right ?

Thanks, good luck to you both as well. Since I'm new to the forum life I'm not expecting to be able to compete with either of you but I am glad to have gotten a nomination. Breeding is a passion that we all share so if one of us makes it in then I'd say we all may benefit from it down the road, right? Again good luck!

Overall the 2 of us 3 who don't make it in will still be able to trade on the forum and that's the main thing. As you said we all share a common passion for Pokémon breeding and as such I am sure we will all be working together to make this forum a better place; who knows, we may even end up collaborating from time to time on bigger projects  Blush
Looks like @Tenebris_Kane takes an early lead. But we're only on the second day of voting. Can they hold onto their position?

We'll just have to see, and also: @SeirraXechO and @Sharkfang2193, no, you can't vote. That goes for TK too. This one's up to your peers.

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Voting is now closed. We have a winner.

With over 50% of votes casted, @Tenebris_Kane has been elected as the newest member of Amethyst 0mega! Congratulations, TK!

To @Sharkfang2193 and @SeirraXechO, don't be disheartened. It was an honor to be nominated, and there's always a chance you'll be accept into the guild next time. This also doesn't mean you can't contribute to the community regardless. Help out where it's needed, start your own shop, whatever you want. Make us proud, breeders!

Thank you to everyone that voted. @wartty, @RetroTyphlosion, @LittleFoxS, @ScottyThunder, help me welcome our new sixth!  Big Grin

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
Thank you soo much @0kamii I was so nervous last night I could barely sleep I found myself waking up a couple of times near to when the voting closed. 

It was close between myself and Sharkfang2193 and I will be honest, when I first saw that he was nominated I was pretty sure I would lose automatically. @Sharkfang2193  I respect the efforts you have put in to the forums the past couple of  years and hopefully we will still be able to work towards the same goals in the future.

Although I haven't haven't had much contact with @SeirraXechO I hope to see you around on the forums from now on and from the contact I have had you seem like a nice person so I wish you the best in your future projects.

I also want to back 0kamii up in saying thank all of the users who voted, it was great to have the support of the community at our backs and it really did make the vote a close call. I hope to see everybody on the forums and I look forward to helping out as a member of Amethyst 0mega!
Congrats @Tenebris_Kane kinda glad i didn't get accepted to tell you the truth, i wanna build up a title for myself first and help out more and not only be known as the guy who just joined Amethyst Omega.

So once again congrats u really worked for this Big Grin
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@Tenebris_Kane welcome to the team, buddy! Glad to have ya!  Big Grin

And to @SeirraXechO and @Sharkfang2193 you guys had a good run, and don't let this discourage you at all! We still need talented and passionate breeders around here, so please continue to contribute any way you can!

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@FireTaco Sorry...... no tiebreakers today....

@Sharkfang2193 Good show! Glad you put up such a strong competition. We will certainly be looking at you for future membership when the time comes. 
And, thank you for accepting your defeat so gracefully. I am impressed.

@Tenebris_Kane I know I'm late, but, congratulations, man! I am excited to be working with you.
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Feels bad man

But in all honesty congrats to all the people who were chosen to run and especially to @Tenebris_Kane for being elected.

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