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[IMPORTANT] January Meet and Greet - A New Year's Treat
I wanna answer "What/who poketuber you hate the most." hahahaha and that would be V.E.R.L.I.S.I.F.Y yep. It's not included. But hey That thing is the one that I'm excited about answering. And about fav. It's between aDrive and Munching Orange. :D
(Jan 5, 2018, 10:14 AM)0kamii Wrote: I think I'll tag all of Amethyst 0mega:
@ScottyThunder this dude: @PerfectPenguin7

My question for all of you is: What is your most fond breeding experience? If you haven't bred anything that comes to mind, instead what would you like to have fond memories of breeding?

You really went and asked one of the most difficult questions to answer... I have bred soo many Pokémon in the past it is hard to choose my favorite breeding project so I will choose a couple which come to mind that really made me happy from my Pokémon moon breeding projects.

First would have to be breeding Garchomp, it was one of the first competitive Pokémon I bred in moon and still helps me to this day with league runs and battles EV training and leveling Pokémon. It is easily one of the 2 most used Pokémon in my moon game (The other being my Talonflame which hatches the eggs)

Second would probably be Lapras, I have always really liked Lapras so I decided to breed another in Moon. It was infuriating to catch one at first due to perish song (really should have taunted them) but when I finally got around to breeding I managed to get  6IV lapras and I was overjoyed at the time.  Big Grin

Honorable mentions would be those unexpected shinies, the few breeding projects that unexpectedly come out shiny, (Such as the shellos I didn't realise until I put it into the computer!) always add excitement to breeding and when I get one it makes it hard to put down the DS, it makes me want to continue breeding until I get another!  Tongue
I am currently seeking help coming up with movesets for unusual Pokémon with egg moves, PM me for more details
(will reward with some battle-ready Pokémon)

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