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[IMPORTANT] January Meet and Greet - A New Year's Treat
Was odin a genie ?

(A few minutes ago odin came in mind )but if i think about it now he was egypt ?
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@Kris heart golds one because nostalgia probably
(Jan 5, 2018, 10:40 AM)stephenWITNESS Wrote: First off, have to give a big shout out to @FireTaco for making this months meet and greet! Also shout out to @TheAlmightySancho for the tag! To answer your question, I'd have to say that my favourite type is probably grass. Green is my favourite colour so that's probably a big factor in it, but I also think that the grass type has some of the best mon designs eg, Leafeon, Shaymon, Carnivine, Celebi etc. there's just so many!

Now on to the meet and greet questions:

  1. My favourite poketuber is probably Alex Ogloza. Even though he stopped making content for youtube, back in the day when he did upload, he had a good variety videos that he put out. From Pokefact videos to competitive stuff, he was definitely one of the most entertaining poketubers to watch. Also I'd say the he had probably the second best pokemon related twitch stream......
  2. Got to give it to Shaymin's Sky Form. One of my favourite designs going + it's pretty fun to use in competitive.
  3. As far as Roto Powers go I can't say that I've ever even used them. Back in gen 6 I used the hatching o-power all the time, but since I haven't gotten into competitive as much this gen I haven't had a reason to use roto power equivalent.

For my question I'm going to tag @TheWildShannon. What is your favourite shiny Pokemon that you've caught?

@stephenWITNESS in US? hmm... i'm still on the hunt right now, but i have to say favourite shiny pokemon that i've CAUGHT has got to be either my Shiny Raikou (Raijin) that i found in under 100 soft resets, or my shiny Guzzlord (Guzzler) simply because Dark is one of my favorite types!
The Safari Zone. The only place where you can throw mud at Pokémon. AKA the best in-game area in the fourth generation.
@Kris that's a tough question. I really like all of them, tbh they're one of my favourite trios. I think I'd have to say Raikou. I've used all three of the beasts competitively in vgc and, even though Riakou is definitely not the best of the three, I had the most fun using it.

Also, Entei was the first one of the three that I ever caught, in my first play through of silver with my master ball. I caught Raikou next a few years later with a great ball (which is why it's one of my favourites also) but never caught Suicune because of the battery glitch. Had to wait untill HGSS came out to finally catch one!
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Quite sad, nobody mentioned me. Sad

I am still alive! Well, I just updated to legality essay to REV05, but I made some minor errors, I will update it to REV06 soon~

1. What is your favorite Poketuber?
My favourite Poketuber is Collector Togami. Well, mainly I knew him through Reddit. In the past when I subscribed, he only has 148 Subscribers. Now he has reached a few thousands. He many quite a few resourceful videos such as Battle Tree~

2. Best Pokemon Form?
Ash Hat Pikachu, because it is cute. Smile

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?
I have not used them up till now. Sad

Next, let's bring in more people! Smile

@alex-drakon ,
@Saichi ,
@BoneheadMarowak ,
@Riola ,
@hsgcapoquian ,
@meatchiel ,
@Black Waterfall ,
@Jakethepokemonfan27 ,
@Boba_Fettish_ ,
@SamWilliams ,
@Testmeister ,

What are your thoughts in the #meme spam channel in Pokemon Forever Discord Channel? Smile
Personally, I used it to put Bernie Sanders memes (I don't know anything about US Politics).

To prove that there is nothing to be afraid about in Pokemon Forever, I will share my top 10 anime:
* Gundam 0079
* Gundam Zeta
* Gundam Char's Counterattack
* Gundam Unicorn
* Gundam Victory
* Mobile Fighters: G Gundam
* After War: Gundam X
* Turn A Gundam
* Gundam 00
* Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam 0079 is the first Gundam franchise produced by Tomino in 1979 with the purpose of educating the younger generations about the horrors of war through a war story. For anybody who does not know, Tomino is raised by war survivors from the second world war. And yes, it made a lot of memes such as Bright Slap, 3 times faster, etc. For anybody who does not know, the reality is that the anime is cut short to 43 episodes as not many people is watching it. Gundam turns into a success after its first movie when a lot of people purchased Gundam merchandise.

Gundam Zeta is the sequel of Gundam 0079, also produced by Tomino. It brings back a lot of character such as the protagonist Amuro Ray and his rival Char Aznable (now known as Quattro Bajeena), now serving as a mentor to the new protagonist, Kamille Bidan. Kamille is a guy's name! Bright Noa and Hayato are also back. But the story is so dark that it shocks Tomino's wife, which made the first half of ZZ into a light-hearted parody. But in the middle of ZZ, Bandai purchased Sunrise and Tomino got depression, so the kill them all formula started in the second half of ZZ, such as another colony drop in Ireland (the first drop being Sydney in 0079 because it missed its main target being Jaburo which is Federation's base).

Gundam Char's counterattack is a few years after ZZ, when Char became to leader of Neo Zeon and started to Second Neo Zeon War. And the rivalry between Amuro and Char renews. Char Aznable is my favourite anime protagonist. r/threetimesfaster

Gundam Unicorn is set 3 years after Char's counterattack and it is the Third Neo Zeon War. It also concludes Federation-Zeon war. It bring back some old characters such as Bright Noa but mostly new characters such as Banagher Links.

Gundam Victory is set a lot of years after Unicorn (F91 and Crossbone) and is the darkest Gundam franchise, I have lost count the number of deaths. The first few episodes are swapped for higher Gunpla sales so don't get confused at the second episode. Tomino got fired after Victory because Gunplas are not selling well and won't return for the next few years until the Big Bang Project for Gundam 20th Anniversary in 1999.

Mobile Fighter: G Gundam is the first alternate universe in Gundam franchise (and the first Gundam TV series not made by Tomino, but the writer is trained by Tomino). It is what happens when you mixed Kung Fu into Gundam. SHINY FINGER!!!! Well, it has a lot of plot twists, and done better than Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion. So don't get surprised~

After War: Gundam X is another alternate universe. The plot starts with an ordinary protagonist, Garrod Ran, not a Newtype, Coordinator, Innovator, X-Rounder, etc. Who travels with a group of scavengers to rescue a Newtype, a type of humans with mysterious powers and protecting them from being exploited for other purposes such as weapons buy Federation or worshipped by Spacenoids. Well, I was quite surprised that one of the newtypes is a dolphin. There are also cyber newtypes like Universal Century. Unfortunately, it got cut short to 39 episodes because the show it not profiting due to 2 possible reasons. People might be bored by watching Gundam for 3 consecutive years (Mobile Fighter: G Gundam, Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing, After War: Gundam X). Another possible reason is the changing of timeslot and fans cannot watch it.

Turn A Gundam is part of the Big Bang Project in 1999 to commemorate Gundam 20th Anniversary. The other being G-Saviour (NOTE: I don't like G-Saviour). The plot is also written by Tomino. The technology might surprise you, why are there technology in pre-WW1 era. Well, it is not in pre-WW1 era. It is the sequel of universal century and all alternate universes and Tomino wanted to end his franchise here but it still goes on (SEED in 2002).

Gundam 00 is set in 2300s in AD, and it tackles real life situations such as depletion of fossil fuels. The first season focused more into politics, the season focused into character development. I knew the Trans-Am is referenced from F91 but the red colour is cool. Smile

Gundam Build Fighters summarised my childhood dream. Sad

These are my top 10 anime to prove that there is nothing to be shy about! Smile
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(Jan 5, 2018, 07:15 PM)dmann Wrote: Uh... Genie-us?

Please tell me you know what I mean.

(Jan 6, 2018, 01:31 AM)Drangor2 Wrote: Was odin a genie ?

(A few minutes ago odin came in mind )but if i think about it now he was egypt ?

No Drangor, Odin was not a Genie. Odin is from Norse mythology and the ruler of Æsir and the All-Father of the Norse Gods.
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My favorite form is the fluffywuffy Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales.  They're just like big Samoyeds! ♡u♡  11/10 would cuddle the daylights out of. They're good foxes, Brant.
@Kris  What cupcake flavor do you want?
@FireTaco Sand pie flavor
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Extremely late with this but thanks for the tag taco Big Grin So far i crashed into the new year like a train wreck and still haven't gotten my shiny rowlet after 3 months Angry Angry Angry

1. What is your favorite Poketuber?

Adrive and Smk gaming are the two main poketubers i watch mainly because they do alot of shiny hunting and are just entertaining to watch.

2. Best Pokemon Form? (This is any pokemon that goes by the same name, but has a different appereance)

Giratina lord of the underworld with a magnificent shiny and an origin form befitting of the world he rules over and overall one of the best legendary design imo.

3. Best Roto-Power/O-Power?

Unfortunately the gods of pokemon has not blessed me yet with the shiny rowlet i desire so i haven't actually played ultra moon yet henceforth i haven't seen what rotom can do in the game.

Honestly Losing my mind while sitting here with 27 thousand+ sr for a shiny rowlet i could've had a higher chance of getting for by breeding .... but you know pride and stuff so i'm stick with it till i get it Tongue soon i hope
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