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[IMPORTANT] The May Meet & Greet - A Month Most Sweet!
im not verry late, its only the second-to-last day of the month.
Anyway, on to these questions
1. Whats your favorite shiny Pokémon?
Well, to be honest, I don't know. I love Pink shinies and the black and red shinies such as Charizard and Greninja. If I had to pick one I think Id pick shiny *mega* Garchomp. The contrast of how serious he is  and how "innocent" and harmless the pink makes him is a cool effest (oh yeah, Garchomp is also Msound my favorite Pokemon so)
2. What surprise title do you want at E3 Next month?
Nothing big, but Id really like something related to  the TES franchise because their games are my favorite. Id also like some similar open world rpg's and maybe turn-based Fire Emblem esq games.
3. Whats the Stupidest leak youve ever seen?
To be honest I don't pay alot of attention to leaks but  most of the starter leaks seem pretty stupid to me. Like how usually theyre alll playtapus's.
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ

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