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Is Bulu + Nihilego + Arcanine a New Core?
Hey, everybody! It's 0kamii, and today I'm legitimately just asking a question. That's all.

I'm a VGC player, albeit far from the best in the world, but a VGC player nonetheless. I've been running some new teams through battles on Showdown and I've bumped into this strange threesome about a half dozen times now.
[Image: tapubulu.png] [Image: nihilego.png] [Image: arcanine.png]
The last time I remember seeing anyone use these three on the same team was at the Australia International Championships. The trainer using them was Wolfey Glick, our current World Champ. He placed 9th in the tournament. I'm only asking because if this is a new core, or rather a resurging one, I should probably rework my teams to account for it. Without any sort of additions, the core has its own share of weaknesses. Not all of which are accounted for.
[Image: 2vl1y7a.jpg]
Fire is covered by Nihilego, Water by Bulu, Flying by Nihilego, Ground by Bulu, Rock by Bulu, Ice by Arcanine and Nihiliego, and Steel by Arcanine. Poison isn't accounted for, nor is Psychic. There is a Poison resistance, but I'm still wondering if this is just the bones of a newer team, or if it's actually a core-in-progress. I'm sure most of these weaknesses can be handled by more additions to the team, but I'd still like an answer from some of the more experienced VGC players. I honestly don't know this time.

That's all. I'll be back on Monday with one of my real posts. Just popping in to ask a question today. Read you all soon. Battle onwards, friends!

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 
I'm pretty sure it's an actual new core since they have good synergy together; they can really beat each other counters well, so threats to one Pokémon can be handled by the other; e.g. Tapu Fini, which threatens Arcanine, is handled by Bulu, Kartana, which threatens Bulu, is handled by Arcanine, Chomp, which threatens Arcanine and Nihilego is handled by Bulu, etc. I wouldn't recommend using these charts for weaknesses as even if your team is, in theory, weak to some typings, you can most likely handle them; for example, this core is "weak to Psychic", however the main Psychic type in VGC, Tapu Lele, loses the terrain war in a lead vs Bulu and is OHKO'd, and it is also outspeed and OHKO'd by Nihilego, so the core can most definitely deal with Tapu Lele, though a backup check would be useful. These charts are often made for beginners who are looking to make more basic teams; I would recommend not preparing for typings, but rather for specific threats in the metagame, building will be much more efficient. But yes, this new core seems very solid since it can handle a large portion of the metagame, and you should definitely prepare for it when building. Good luck with your team, maybe you could make a team report for it, that could be fun!
its actually not a bad core because Bulu covers the ground weaknesses while Nihilego and arcanine help out with fire and poison. Arcanine also gives intimidate support since most ground users are physical attackers. Bulu also helps with the water weakness that the two share.
"Oh no, how did he get mod?"


@"écarlate" Fascinating. You know, that may be one of the reasons my teams are either hit or miss at locals and on Showdown. I'll keep that tip in mind. Also, thanks for answering the question. I'll be sure to keep this in mind as I continue teambuilding in the coming weeks. Also, I wouldn't mind doing a team report. I've hardly done anything since becoming a Kahuna, and I'd relish the chance to do some more "official" posts. Thanks again, écarlate!

@Slec So I've be told, apparently. I honestly never would've noticed. Thanks for the answer, Slec. You and Écky both. Smile

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

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