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Is anyone willing to trade a perfect iv japanese Ditto? I don't mind if it is hacked.
I need one for breeding in pokemon ultra sun. I don't have many pokemon to offer though.

Pokemon I got from wonder trade:
Shiny Victini

Pokemon I got from breeding:
Own Tempo Male/Female Rockruff with both thunder and fire fang - I got both parents from GTS.
Hi, if you can deposit something in the gts requesting a lvl 100 ditto and let me know the details I can send a jpn 6Iv ditto your way  Big Grin
Thank you so much! Smile

Pokemon Deposited - Rockruff.
Level of Deposited Pokemon - 1
Gender of Deposited Pokemon - Male
Language of Deposited Pokemon - ENG
Message - "I want to trade for a Pokemon that will help me with my adventure."
Trainer Name - Rin

Sorry for the late response, I only got the notification late last night so I ended up quickly checking th GTS this morning before heading out and didn't have a chance to reply. Unfortunately I cannot see your rockruff in the GTS so please can you check someone else didn't trade first?
The rockruff is still there. I tried re-adding it, can you find it now?

I am updating my ultra moon cartridge now and I will try with that this time, fingers crossed

It should be ready to collect from GTS now
Thank you! Big Grin

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