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Kris' Egg Swap! [OPEN]
New members, feel free to join in
To Each Future We Go
whoops! I totally forgot to reply here, but better late than never, I guess haha
[Image: 23316210_10211008731483219_357760697_n.j...e=5A037A7B]
This is the batch that I got from your eggs, and yup! They were all 5 IVs, except for the larvitar haha
It'd be cool to know what you got from me too!  Big Grin


As for you, the two eggs you traded to me were both Togedemarus!! One of them had their HA, Sturdy, and both of them had 4 Egg moves, Fake Out, Wish, Encore and Reversal. Thanks!

[Image: 250px-777Togedemaru.png]
I have a large inventory of eggs that usually never gets under a full box. They are also all good eggs, none of the crumy common pokemon, usualy not even in the alolan dex Smile I am willing to swap with anyone, this sounds like a good idea!
Ye olde bump
To Each Future We Go
Bumping because I have too many eggs
To Each Future We Go
wanna swap some eggs lol
@JoeBoss23 Yessir. How many you want to trade? I have almost a boxful of Eggs
To Each Future We Go
@Kris sorry bout that im on OR now tryn to score me some cool pokemon that arent in S/M
@JoeBoss23 You good to trade now?
To Each Future We Go
not exactlly lol just collection some mons from OR

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