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Kris' Egg Swap! [OPEN]
Yeah I am online now, sorry for the slight delay was in the middle of another trade for some hidden ability pokémon I needed.
@Tenebris_Kane  No problem. Do you have time to trade?
I am in plaza now. Added your friend code
I've added yours and I'm online, too  Big Grin
Thanks for trading with me!
Thanks for the 3 eggs, just finished hatching them.

Edit - Sorry I didn't previously state what they were, somebody else I arranged to trade with messaged me so I went to quickly trade with them
The eggs in order of hatching were:
  First - Binacle                Second: Yamask              Third: Yamask
 [Image: 2688-Shiny-Binacle.png]  (Docile) [Image: 250px-562Yamask.png] (Modest) [Image: 250px-562Yamask.png] (Serious)
@Tenebris_Kane What was inside them? I recently had started some breeding projects, so I'm not entirely sure anymore... Huh
Thanks! I've gotten an              Adamant Alolan Sandshrew,      Sandshrew ,                   a  Calm ChinchouChinchou  and an         Bold Comfey [Image: comfey.png]  !

P.S. Sorry for the terrible layout, I've never included pictures before this post...
What is your TSV? :D
What is a signature and how do I get one?
@gkh1997 Me? I dunno what that is
@FireTaco is Senpai
Mewtwo is an Ultra Beast
I am Kris 


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