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[LOOKING FOR] Apricorn Pokemon
I'm in search of a Female Ralts in a Love Ball.

Please let me know if you have one and what you would like in exchange.
@Eugenio think I got on of those I'll check when I get home ;D I'll send that exeggcute your way too ~

Thanks! Let me know if you do have one and what Pokemon you might want in exchange, so I search for it if I have it in my Poke Bank.
@Eugenio sent your exeggcute Smile and I got that ralts you were looking for sorry for the late reply, what are some previous gen apricorn ball guys youve come across?

Cool, thanks.

Some of the Apricorn Pokemon I have are:

Weedle (Heavy Ball and Sports Ball)

Nicada (Sports Ball)

Pidgey (Friend Ball)

Pikachu (Fast ball)

Alola-Sandslash (Heavy Ball)

Wigglytuff (Love Ball and Moon Ball)

Clefable (Love Ball and Moon Ball)

Alola-Vulpix (Love Ball)

Growlithe (Level Ball)

Abra (Moon Ball)

Machop (Heavy Ball)

Tentacool (Lure Ball)

Gastly (Moon Ball)

Chansey (Love Ball)

Tangela (Friend Ball)

Kangaskhan (Love Ball)

Scyther (Sports Ball)

Pinsir (Sports Ball)

Magikarp (Lure Ball)

Snorlax (Heavy Ball)

Snubbull (Love Ball)

Heracross (Level Ball)

Miltank (Love Ball)

Shroomish (Friend Ball)

Feebas (Love Ball)

Beldum (Heavy Ball)

Phanpy (Heavy Ball)
@Eugenio Nice ive been looking for lure ball tentacool :D you gonna be around later tonight?

You got it (I'm give you a female Tentacool).

I'm usually online around 7PM Central Time. Let me know if that works.
@Eugenio sorry I got too much going on I thought I did this trade already xP you gonna be around tonight or tomorrow night?
@wartty, no problem. I'm can be online in a few minutes - usually I'm online around 7PM Central Time.
@Eugenio cool lol I'll just be chilling in plaza Smile

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