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[LOOKING FOR] Autumn Sawsbuck
Hi everyone, I was looking at random shiny Pokémon in order to find one I want to breed a shiny of and I came across Sawsbuck as Pokémon of the day, now looking at the normal forms I think winter is probably my favorite but the colour combination of the autumn leaves and the golden orange fur make the shiny autumn sawsbuck stand out and I would really like to get one. If anyone can help me get an autumn sawsbuck to breed from in Gen 7 I would be very greatful.  Blush

I don't know what I have that would interest people as a reward but I will give any of my available breedjects including a 6IV intimidate litten if that helps. This is a bit outdated but if there are any of the breedjects in this list let me know and I willl trade with you. Also please feel free to request something from my giveaways, I know I would give them away anyway but if you want something just ask.

I got you covered, TK. I have all the Sawsbuck forms in stock. I'll breed one for you and add that to our list of trades for later. Make it 11 throwaways instead of 10.  Big Grin

- 0kamii
Amethyst Ωmega - Guild Leader/Founder 

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