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[LOOKING FOR] Competive Lycanroc
I'm looking for someone who can make me a competitive Middday Lycanroc with all of the best stats. I have a shiny Metagross, Lucario, and many other shinies I would trade.
I have a shiny one with it's HA Sand Rush it's level 57 but it's completely Battle Ready. Adamant w/ Stone Edge, Fire Fang, Crunch and Stealth Rock. What else do you have? I will instantly accept a Haxorus or Krookodile w/ Anger Point

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Sorry, I don't have either of those. I have a shiny salamence and gumshoos. Also, is it completely real or hacked

PS it's 11 pm est here for me so im going to bed ill talk in the morning
The shiny one is hacked but I have a non-shiny one that I bred myself. It's ok, I'll give you either one for free

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Oh really! I'll take the non shiny one! After 9:30 am est, im not available until tomorrow, so please pull through Big Grin
I am available right now

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@"Anabel" would you still be interested in haxorus or anger point krookodile?
@wartty yup I am

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@"Anabel" you meant shiny versions right? Think I got a shiny haxorus in the bank
@wartty oh heavens no, just normal ones, I want them TO shiny hunt w/

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