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[LOOKING FOR] Defiant Female Piplup
Hello this is my first time posting here after being refered here on my search. Ive recently been back into pokemon and found one of my favorite pokemon has a hidden abiity. I have gens 5 6 and 7 but i would perfer it in gen 5 or 6 as I've been working on those games at the moment in my catch up. It would mean the world to have one and to breed to have it along my journies. 

i have the dsn for 5th gen and in post game for y and white 2 ive just got trading enabled in UM. I have some event pokemon and 20th aniversary in my gen 6 ganes. It would mean the world to get one for my journey and would  do a lot to obtain one
I don't have my gen 6 carts, but I'm sure I'd have a HA piplup in gen 7 if you get desperate. But again, I haven't touched my 3ds in about a year. We
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
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