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[LOOKING FOR] Dream World Hidden Abilities
So since the dream world shut down, you can no longer aquire a few pokemon with their hidden ability unless you caught them when it was active. I'll list them here:

Basculin- Mold Breaker
Hippopotas/Hippowdon- Sand Force
Sentret/Furret- Frisk
Karrablast- No Guard
Excavalier- Overcoat
Mothim- Tinted Lens
Shelmet- Overcoat
Accelgor- Unburden
Patrat/Watchog- Analytic
Qwilfish- Intimidate

There may be more but that is what I know of!

Basically I want these pokemon just for collection purposes, they don't need to be battle-ready or anything!
If anyone has one of these lying around in a pc box or they could breed me one, it would be really appreciated! 
I want it to be completely legitimate though so no breeding with a hacked ditto or just genning it in please!

If you want something in return I'm sure I could arrange it if it's fair!
Thank you ^_^
There is a link I'm my signature that might be of service to you ;D
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
All your Hidden Ability needs in one place <3

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