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[LOOKING FOR] HA Riolu or Lucario
Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying Pokemon SS. I was hoping that someone would have or would be able to breed me a Riolu/Lucario breedject with it's hidden ability. I don't have a lot to offer outside of a couple HA mons (Gyrados, Falinks, Scrafty, Hatterene, Ralts, Darumka, and a few more) as well as some 4-5 IV dittos to trade. If any of that interests you, or you have questions about the "few more" and can help in my search that would be greatly appreciated Smile.
Does it need good IV's?
nope, I'd just be happy to have one with the ability.

Edit: I just got a HA Riolu thanks to @Wondertrampe. Thanks for the offer though!

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