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[LOOKING FOR] Last few for full Nat Dex! :)
Morning everyone! As the title suggests, I have only a little bit left on my nat dex before I get my shiny charm.  I'm missing a few though! Aaaand no one I know has them Rolleyes   If you happen to have any of the following pokemon, please add me and let me know beforehand what pokemon you're missing/fed up with trying to get for your pokedex!  I'm pretty much out of spares so I'll have to quickly breed the mons you want in advance.

I'd be soooo incredibly grateful :D  Here are the ones I'm missing: 
  • Electabuzz, Elekid, or Electivire @Hyker
  • Glameow or Perugly
  • Klink, Klang, or KlinKlang @Skulblaka01 
  • Vullaby or Mandibuzz @Skulblaka01
**Edit** I'm all done!!! Thank you so much @Hyker and @Skulblaka01 ! You guys are amazing :D

I listed them all together because I really only need/want one of each evolution line.   My goal is to be OT on all my mons so I'd be happy to send yours back after I grab an egg real quick Smile  (With the exception of the baby mons ofc)

Thanks so much in advance! Heart

FC: 5043-5755-9938  I have both X and Alpha Sapphire

-side note- feel free to add for friend safari, just tag me so I know to add you back!
I can help
Sweet!  What pokemon do you need? I'd be sending their base evolution if that's okay?
I can breed a Vullaby in exchange for Piplup or Squirtle
You can find me on YouTube, Steam, and Twitter if you need to
You're a life saver :D  I'll breed both if you'd like, and you can just send me a zigzagoon or whatever extra pokemon you have for the squirtle.

-edit- @wundrweapon  added, I'm good to go when you are
Who's breeding what and what's missing ? :P
I can help too
Haha I have a piplup and squirtle for @wundrweapon in return for a vullaby, so I need either one of the electabuzz evolutions, or one of the Klink evolutions :D  I have everything else (pretty sure) so just let me know if you'd like to trade, and what you want in return so I can breed one out for you (if I dont have extras Smile )
I can trade you Elekid, if you want that. @Vyaelra
That'd be amazing Smile Do you need anything in particular for your dex?
I would highly appreciate, if you could trade me one of the following:

Shellos or Gastrodon
Cherubi or Cherrim
Bronzor or Bronzong

I added you.

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