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[LOOKING FOR] Pokemon with Flame body/Magma armor (X/Y)
I need a trusty egg hatcher Pokemon real fast
Not sure what I can give in return since I've just unlocked the daycare. I have an Alakazam and a Spiritomb I can give up if that works!


Edit: Received a Mawile, that can also be something I can give in return
Edit 2: Alakazam's gone, it's been replaced by a Milotic
Edit 3: Now, the conclusive list of mons I can offer go as follow: Bulbasaur, Mawile, Sneasel, Ludicolo, Octillery, and Manectric. I'll do my best to keep all of these this time.

Final Edit:I just realized I had a Numel this whole time which I could easily evolve into a Magma Armor Camerupt. I swear I’m the dumbest stupidhead ever

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