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[LOOKING FOR] Pokemon with Hidden Abilities
Hi everyone, I'm looking/need some pokemon with their hidden ablities. I'm looking to get into competitive pokemon some more and wanted to compete in the November International Challenge at the end of the month. 

I don't care what the nature of the pokemon are or its IV's. I can do all that myself, I just need their hidden abilities. Below are a few that I'm looking for...

Many thanks for anyone that could help me out...!

1. Incineroar   (Intimidate)       
2. Amoongus   (Regenerator)    <----- Also need in Gen VI ORAS
3. Snorlax       (Gluttony)          <----- Also need in Gen VI ORAS
4. Smeargle    (Moody)
5. Scolipede    (Speed Boost)    <----- Also need in Gen VI ORAS
I can help with Incineroar and Smeargle in Gen 7, though the latter I would need to breed a little. The rest I would need time to get.
@dmann Incineroar and Amoongus are probably the most important two to me at the moment. If you want to send me a PM feel free to. If it makes it easier to communicate.
Incineroar will come as a Litten (I bred a lot for Shiny HA). I may have Foongus in ORAS, I need to double check.
That's fine with me. If you have a Foongus in ORAS we can trade in ORAS and I can transfer it later because I need Foongus in both ORAS and USUM. 

Just let me know when you're available to trade... I will be free all day Thursday (Thanksgiving)
I have been a little distracted, but I can do it at some point soon. If you get on the forums Discord, I'm on there, and when I'm online, I'm usually available.
Word I will join the discord. If you see me on just message me. I think my discord is Mr Wolkowicz
(Nov 17, 2018, 09:06 PM)dmann Wrote: Would you be able to get me a low level fletchling or fletchinder shiny for my pokemon y? It would mean alot

@Wolky go to that discord and i maybe can help you in some pokemon Smile

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