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Looking for competitive pokemon
Hi all! I have been trying to breed and train Pokemon but not going very well, hence I was thinking if anyone would help me. I am looking for a couple of Pokemon that that are legit competitive pokemon, since I'm trying to be competitive myself. Anyways they are volcarona, darmanitan, talonflame, heat rotom and typhlosion. I have some event Pokemon, shiny 6iv Pokemon and to tell ya the truth I don't want to use shiny Pokemon in battle, I collect them in shiny but not battle them. Thanks for reading!
Wait, so are you looking for legit shiny 6IV pokemon? I mean, that's stupidly rare. Unless you mean you want the competitive ones as legit and the shinies not so much.

That's probably all wrong. I can't do anything for you, but if you wanted someone to breed you a few low level pokemon to level up and modify, @wartty is your man.
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