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Greetings and salutations, my name is Ray and I am a socially inept Poke-maniac. I joined this forum a couple of days ago to search for some more low-key breeding and battling communities (as I am newer and only got into competetive a year ago). Suffice to say, this site has been very welcoming and helpful so far and I'd be glad to make anyone's acquaintance. I also just plain love Pokemon as a franchise, though I'm not really an avid watcher of the anime.

A little about me:
> My favourite 'mons have to be Blaziken, Malamar and of course, Krookodile
> Nuzleaf is my ironic favourite because of Super Mystery Dungeon. :^)
> Gen 5 will always be my favourite gen because Black was the very first game that I owned, though I love the Hoenn remakes to death and the new Gen 7 games are also great!
> My FC is 4184 - 5485 - 8870
> I love to draw, too! I'm not really that great yet but doodling and drawing Pokemon is one of my favourite pastimes
[Image: ocean_man_by_minkmaid-dc61crc.png]

Contact me via Discord too, shoot a friend request to dreamo#4399
Hello! I own a trading thread somewhere around here, except it's locked and I need to reopen it.

My favourite pokemon type is dragon, and my main mon is Garchomp.

Be seeing you around.
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What's up @Krook! Welcome to the forums :D If you ever need any help on the site feel free to hit up myself or one of the other mods!
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Hey @Krook I like Infernape and Porygon-Z (who could've known) and though I cannot gen, I try to help the best I can around the community. If you are ever looking to battle, be sure to let me know, as I cannot make a pokemon team for my life lol
@Krook Blaziken is awesome! Welcome to the community!

PS: Did you draw that Lapras? It tooks super cool with that sunglasses on! Big Grin
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Hello! Remember to check out the Discord Channel too! Smile

If you need any breeding parents, look for me in the Discord Channel! Smile

Not a competitive battler, I mainly focused in PvE~
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