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[NEW MEMBER] Hello there
Looking forward to meeting you all, I Shiny hunt in gen 5 and 6 (Without the charm because i can't be bothered to deal with GTS Tauros droppings), Haven't beaten gen 7 but i will whenever i don't want to torture myself with hunting.
Plus i do battles sometimes if i feel like it.
Hello! Smile

It is easier to obtain Shiny Charm in Gen 8 by the way~

Remember to check out the Discord Channel too! Smile
What is a signature and how do I get one?
It's real easy to get the charm in SM and slightly harder in USUM, but it takes much less time than earlier gens.

Welcome to the forum, hope I'll see you around.
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@ZappySlappy Welcome to the forums!
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

Looks like I am a bit late to the party, welcome to the community!
@ZappySlappy Welcome to the community! Let's battle sometime!  Smile
 ~ Always ready to fire up the party! ~ 

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