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[NEW MEMBER] Hi I'm new
Hi everyone,
I just registered here, mainly for the shiny hunting stuff 
I'm italian and i play on Y and OR at the moment
And that's all, hope to have a great time Smile
@Opethrator Welcome to the forums :D
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
@Opethrator Benvenuto! (Okay, I have to admit that this is as far as my Italian goes...)

Anyway, welcome to the community — you will definitively enjoy your time here!  Tongue
 ~ Always ready to fire up the party! ~ 
Check out my Hottest Giveaway Ever

Remember to check out the Discord Channel! Smile

You are currently the second Italian player I have met, the other being in Smogon~

Just curious, what are the most famous Italian food?
What is a signature and how do I get one?

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