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[NEW MEMBER] Hiya da names Lowee
My name is Lowee, and I love trading for rare Pokes and have been tryin to get into competetive battling. I am trying to expand my Pokèmon collection with events, and shinies and have been trying to finish my living dex to get the shiny charm so I can get the shiny charm. I love the satisfaction of finding and getting a shiny Pokèmon.
Welcome! I'm pretty much out of the gen 7 game, but I will probably setting up a gen 8 trade thread here with Pokémon I've bred. If you plan on getting Sword or Shield look me up if you're interested in getting competitive.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
Sword and Shield Trades
Hello, and welcome to the forums!

I'm still playing through USUM, Ultra Wormhole-surfing for all the legendaries I'm due. I'm also trying to get into competitive; but first I'm gonna get a team together for the Battle Tree, which I haven't yet attempted in any capacity. I came to the game kinda late, so I've still got plenty to do in it.

Have fun out there!

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