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[NEW MEMBER] Just gonna casually sneak in here~
Hello everyone, I've been stalking these forums on and off for awhile, and decided to stop being a creeper xD

Some things to know about me, I suppose...

-I'm obsessive with the shiny hunt. I chained 512 for a shiny rockruff one day, didn't get it, then chained another 218 the next day until I got it. (Nothing feels better than the thrill of finding and obtaining your own shiny legitimately~)

-I'm shy, and prefer not to jump into random trades and battles with people I don't know (barring wondertrade and GTS, as those aren't a game of figuring out what the other person wants)

-Despite point two, I do enjoy helping people get stuff, including rare things I own that i'm willing to part with. (A friend of mine never had a shiny before, he's working like crazy to get a living dex so he can get me a shiny charm for MY benefit, and in response to his efforts, before I even get the charm, i've already gotten and delivered to him a shiny drifloon and the previously mentioned shiny rockruff, and they're already part of his core team. My determination to chase shiny's is insane.)
Welcome! There are many shiny hunters in the forems, so I think you'll like the community

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