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So this has been conserning me for a while now, and I finialy have the time to do this.  So as of late I have been wondering what I have done on the forum on my first year here.  And as I was looking to see shat threads I have been a part of, I saw something intersting.  Look for yourself : 

[Image: Screen_Shot_2017-10-11_at_12.26.37_PM.png]

Still don't see it?  Then here let me show you :

[Image: Screen_Shot_2017-10-11_at_12.28.29_PM.png]

Yep, I have never made a thread of my own so in a sort of recap/sort of 1 year on the forms I decided to do something I should have done a while ago...


Hello everyone, I'm @FireTaco and I had just joined the forum.  I have been using the Shiny Counter to help me keep track of Ivs on my dittos in Sun and Moon.  I'm not any sort of competitve battler (I have no understanding of the meta actually, but I will be happy to learn).  I have been playing on and off since Pokemon Ruby and have little to no experience in breeding so I hope I will learn a lot here.  Big Grin


WELL WOULD YOU LOOK AT ME NOW, slightly better in each of those now but, I felt that this was necessary to do. After all I did get kahuna somehow.  So hopefully I can start making threads more often now.  

I have a feeling that this is going to confuse a lot of people that this is my first one, but HEY, I wasn't going to wait to do a 1 year recap as my first on in January  Tongue That would be a little too much.
Welcome to Pokemon Forever Forums, I'm Kris, check out my giveaways and such. We have a Discord server too. Also we're holding the Spooky Cup if you wanna check it out. Ask a mod {person with purple name} if you need help.

To Each Future We Go
Oh this is going to be fun

Hi Kris, I  just joined the discord server and I excited to do that Spooky cup challenge Smile
(Oct 11, 2017, 09:57 AM)FireTaco Wrote: Oh this is going to be fun

Hi Kris, I  just joined the discord server and I excited to do that Spooky cup challenge Smile

That's awesome, hope to see you active on the site
To Each Future We Go
Oh you will  Big Grin
I almost forgot, you can hit up our Kahunas @0kamii & @FireTaco for help too
                                                                                                       ^ I recommend this one
To Each Future We Go
Ok let me see if one of them will respond,

@FireTaco  You here man?
So, @FireTaco . If @FireTaco doesn't respond, I guess you'll have to replace @FireTaco as a kahuna. I'll holla for @FireTaco too, though, to get their attention.
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@TheAlmightySancho thank you for the site feedback! We have fired @FireTaco and replaced her with @FireTaco
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