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[NEWS] Mandibuzz and Drampa are in Sword and Shield + 10.3 gb
Hi all.

For who didn't know yet a new ''image'' came up, in this image you can see ''10.3 gb'' meaning the games via Eshop have 10.3 gb download size ! (Less than Breath of wild zelda/Xenoblade) But more than Let's go Pikachu and Eevee.

But that is not all !

- You can see some kind of ''New trainer'' ? (Or maybe important person ?

- Mandibuzz and Drampa are in the picture ! (vullaby in the games too then ?)

Below is the image : Enjoy!

[Image: ef7c0583b019cced348e2f5a79802bb1-full.jpg]

For who wants, i could maybe create a list of confirmed pokemon..

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