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[NEWS] New Details Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield(17 October 2019)
Hi everybody.

New previews were found online, and below you will see them, so beware of Spoilers !

[Image: 5226290d38bec870f8109c7a3a529e80-full.png]

- The Map will have objective markers to show you where to go next
-There is apparently a “large suite” of new Pokemon which have not been revealed yet

[Image: 9594b244fe665fec710a8d44f5bd5a27-full.jpg]
Screen of Healing.

- "Steam city" = Motostoke [Image: Town_.png?width=280]

According to ''Metro''

''The Wild Area is a fairly large open world location, which The Pokémon Company rep on hand estimated was about the size of two regions from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

- Here you do have control of the camera and can see pokémon roaming about on their own, as bees flit around flowers, fish pokémon jump in the lakes, and larger creatures such as Onix – which you’re warned not to get close to because they’re too high level – wander about freely.''


Below this text you can find a video containing the ingame voices of pokemon/nature.

Below you can find 2 videos containing some of the details with the voice of the ''real people playing'', and some pictures:

[Image: a23c0f124f6e66c993ff9605e06ade8e-full.jpg]

[Image: 81bdebe60c781d326fbc8e9fe5f65da8-full.jpg]
The inside of the Suite ?

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