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[NEWS] New Stats for Wooloo and others in Pokemon Sword & Shield ?
Hi all..

I just found some images on the web, about some "popular" pokemon in Sword and Shield..

Below you find them, are they old or are they new ?

Let the research begin !

[Image: fdf63b4d6e3bda8bf82a65b23abdb444_17826249.jpg]

[Image: 41d5273a0d1f7d8e3ba9f0b365715f62_17826237.jpg]

[Image: index2.png][Image: 1ecb4de80f11cbf3d79a0b1b70639a24_17826023.jpg]
[Image: a8172e43f31db37a64fbd214ea20cdb3_17825985.jpg]

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Thanks for posting. No good IVs here! Dynamax level is confirmed as a thing. And Yamper's ability is just sooooo terrible. Like... why?!? In-game currency is just so plentiful, the spectre of losing the occasional Pokéball should be the last thing on any serious trainer's mind! smh...

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