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[NEWS] Pokemon Sword & Shield: New Features & New Pokemon Sept 2019 !
Hi everyone, long time no see. How are ya all

A few days ago while i was on my phone i saw a notification about Pokemon, and so i was reminded of the new Pokemon games Sword & Shield, i then did a small research and found out that on September 4 2019 a new Nintendo Direct aired with news about Sword and shield, then i thought to share it with you all.
While at the very bottom another new video was released later with another new feature that was not included in the Nintendo Direct !

Now i will write down below the news in some Text Parts for people who prefer to Read instead of watching a video.

Part 1: The New Upgraded Features !

Customize Your Look

Just like in the older Pokemon Games you can once again change your Outfit, but this time you will have a greater number of options, such as
Outerwear and Gloves

[Image: ad078a8b1c888a172ac287bccb1956b9-full.png]

But there is more ! You can also change your Hairstyle with many options like Medium curls, Pig tails and lots of others or you can add some Make-Up

[Image: 2ceeae952ccb773b8692234646878331-full.png]

Now then, let's go to the next Part, shall we ?

Part 2 : Can Pokemon Have fun In Sword & Shield ?

The new Pokemon Happy Feature & And with a new feature Discover other Players !

While you continue your adventure you may unlock a new feature called The Pokemon Camp which you can use anytime you want. Inside this feature you can play with you Pokemon and get to know them better, once they trust you enough they will become very usefull to you in Battles !

[Image: afff8b11de47d2a5506fd9cbd90df7d8-full.png]

And with the Feature Wild Area You can find other players Camps and bring along one of your favorite pokemons to have more fun with Up to 3 other Players

Are you ready for the next part ? Let's go

Part 3 : Are you allowed to Cook in Sword & Shield ? Collect them all !

The New Feature That Will Satisfy Your Hunger !

[Image: 17b753031655355356e0af1bbab36ed2-full.png]

Do you like Cooking ? If so then you might be in luck, while you continue your adventure you will soon discover a very popular Feature that can be found in the Galar Region, the Feature is called Curry On Rice With this feature you can Cook from a large selection of Curry recipes ! There are more than 100 delicious Types that you need to find to become the King of Curry ! Just like the Pokedex there will be a function called The Curry Dex Which will register any Curry Type you Cook up. The Result of your cooking depends on which Berries and other ingredients you use, but also on how you

Fan The Flames
. And by Giving it a good Stirring , and finally The Heart You Put Into It.

[Image: aa6e12e55754851376cb3ac139b0fa35-full.png]

And now we go to the next part

Part 4 What Are those Creatures ?!

Cute ? Scary ? Dangerious, do not steal his Fuuud!

Just like the Title hinted, you will meet some usefull New Pokemon that might come in handy in the future, let's introduce you to these new Creatures of the Galar Pokedex !

Here comes P-p-p-p-p Polteageist. This new Pokemon is full of surprises, it has the Ability: Weak Armor This Pokemon prefers to hide amongst Tableware at Hotels or Restaurants, makes me think of a dwebble who also has some similiar habit of searching for a home (Like Brock old Dwebble who also was in search of a new home), anyway Polteageist body is made of Tea and his Type is Ghost !

[Image: f0cbb1a0888b648532faf489110c40fd-full.png]

Last but not least, we get to see a new Bird with the name of Cramorant , which has the looks of being a dumb Bird, But do not let your guard down, this ''Dumb bird'' has a surprise for you and for anyone who steals his food ! When Cramorant uses Dive or Surf he will emerge with something inside his Mouth,With his unique Ability: Gulp Missile He will Attack anyone that does damage to him/her by Launching anything he caught after using Surf and Dive ! This Pokemon is a Flying-Water Type After i found out about this, it got me thinking, 1) Ash never had a Flying-water type, 2) This Pokemon looks kind, and maybe it has a pre evo and a final evo ? I hoped that Corviknight would be Ash Member Pokemon, but i remember that Corviknight looks a bit like 'Spearow'' And i think Ash never used an Evil looking bird Which maybe might evolve into a big scary Bird as the final evo ?

[Image: 6d58baf96126523a6b4d0becf5df890e-full.png]

Final Part: Hey, you are in league with me, here i give you this card !

Discover New Info about them !

When in your great adventure you defeat someone you might get something unique from them, this something is called League Cards You can customize them to your own preference and use it in battles ?!

[Image: 02e988c4938f01a5840fa3b95c33dd80-full.png]

Hope you liked it, see you maybe next time, bye all.

At 18:54 the Pokemon news starts inside the video below.


While the one below this text has only news about Pokemon

I honestly hate this Polterwhatever thing
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Yeah, I'm not particularly excited about any of this; except maybe the character customization options. Even then, I dare not get my hopes up too much on the variety we'll get.

I'm getting the game. I'm just not particulary hyped for it, as things stand. I'm sure it'll be fine.

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