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[NEWS] Raising Awareness
Just to warn you all that there are some faults in this app. There isn't any real technical issues, but some people abuse this app for their own personal gain. It's a great app btw Smile, but read this new's article and see this for yourself.

Word of advice: Always go with someone regardless. Do not go alone, especially at night...

Read here
Sleep is important, so take a nap -_- (zzzzzzz....)
It's ridiculous what lengths people will go to, simply to line their pockets with a little extra money. And to do that to people trying to enjoy themselves catching Pokemon? They have no shame.
The app just does not look apealing to me as a app, but this honestly realy stupid for people who want to play the game.
Basically we have the new Team Rocket here. I heard that when criminals place their lure modules on pokestops, which is a tool for luring more pokemon in that designated place, they wait for innocent people to come by there, capture pokemon, and restock items

Afterwords, criminals rob them....straight up. (Messed up though..). This app governs people's lives -_-

Also another word of advice: Be aware of your surroundings and think wisely
Sleep is important, so take a nap -_- (zzzzzzz....)
Also, be aware of your surroundings! I just saw a guy walk into a pole trying to get to a pokemon.

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