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[NEWS] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Is Out.
[Image: H2x1_NSwitch_XenobladeChronicles2.jpg]

The sequel of the first game Xenoblade Chronicles

Is out World wide for the Nintendo Switch

You can find the game also in the Nintendo Switch Eshop

The game genre is ''Action role-playing game'' (rpg)

Source: Nintendo
And no, Pyra is not thicc
I'm sure it will be a great game and I'm definitely looking forward to it but wtf happened to the character design? The one from the first game was good, why this cartoon style that is really inconsistent with both the first game and the overall universe? And don't get me started on this red girl's chest, I know she is not a human but they really made no effort to make her look remotely like one...

I have nothing against cartoon style Wind Waker was gorgeous even on GameCube but it was consistent...
All I can say is Shulk > Rex
Visually, obviously. As for his caracter as a whole, I'll have to believe you on this
Do you guys think this game would be a good game for someone who hasn't played any Xenoblade games to get into the franchise? I need an excuse to fire up my Switch.
@Seeling I haven't played the game yet but as far as I know it doesn't continue the story from the first Xenoblade. It's a new story in a new setting. As far as getting it, the first Xenoblade is one of my favourite games, and I've only heard good reviews so far about Xenoblade 2. So if you're looking for an open world jrpg with amazing scenery and gameplay, I think it would be a safe bet
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

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