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Need Help With This Months Legendaries
(I may not be posting this in the right spot, if so, please tell me! I'm still pretty new to these forums.)

Anyways, most of you probably know about the 2018 year of legendaries that Pokemon is doing. I got last months legendaries with no issue because Gamestop just handed you the codes if you asked for them. This month has been an issue for me, though. I signed up for the news letter a while back and haven't received one containing the code or QR code for this month's legendary. Has anyone else has this issue? Does anyone know how to fix it? I'm getting worried since we're nearing the end of the month.
i have had the same exact issue, apparently they don't know how to give out codes via the newletter. I have two accounts with them both signed up for the newsletter i did that back in february just to be safe, still no codes. we really can't do much about it, im just glad that i already have the pokemon that they are giving away, still it would be so nice if i could just get what i am due.
Hmm.. this is why I’m worried because I don’t have Heatran and an extra gold bottle cap would be nice. I visit GameStop every month for tournaments and I asked the employees there and they had no idea either, since GameStop doesn’t have anything to do with the code releases this month. Super frustrating. GameFreak needs to stick to releasing the codes through GameStop, in my opinion.
some have gotten them like me but ive had an account for years
Yeah, I’ve been searching and it seems like some people have gotten ‘em yet other haven’t.
id say they prob wont now as its the 27th and march is almost over

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