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PKHeX Mass Box Save Edit
As many of you are probably aware there is the new PKHeX and sd card pokegenner for x/y and oras and with it it is possible to export and import boxes Using this method

For the idea i thought of (may have been thought of before but i came up with it on my own) loading profile saves in PKHeX and exporting the boxes into the sd card and finally putting everything in pokebank and retrieving your old save of boxes

NOTE:You most likely will want to have pokebank unless you are willing to lose your pokemon in boxes ALL boxes

I used this save created by an amazing person on ProjectPokemon filled with competitive pokemon

Now on to how to do it

#1 follow the tutorial by sleepjirachi originally posted and get box importing and exporting set up

#2 export your box using pcout and make a copy (backup) of it in a folder on your pc (this is for the ones using pokebank and are not willing to lose their saves) (in case you haven't guessed it's the pcdata.bin you need to make a backup of)

#2.1 get the download you want and drag the file into pkhex you can export using the method by sleepy jirachi and it's original creator

#3 once the back up is made put the boxes you've loaded into pokebank (or keep them and it's over for you no need to go further)

#4 go to PKHeX and load your old save in an export it back to your 3ds and load it with pcin

#5 you should have all the pokemon from the save downloaded and in pokebank plus your originals in the boxes

Thank you for reading and your welcome for the tut

(Sorry about bad format and grammer im new to the forum
thought id throw in a link to another set of saves
for protection of loosing pokemanz you can also make sure you have your boxdata on your desktop,thats what I do, and thanks for the link to all dem monz
This is a great site for finding builds for your pokemon:

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