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[POWERSAVES] can someone trade me a Pichu is Endeavor
Hello everyone. I really want a pichu with the move endavor, but it can only be obtainted with the pikachu coloured Pichu event.  I don't mind if i get the event or someone just pokegens me one. As for what i'd trade in return, i don't know, but if you just pokegen it in, then it likely won't have to be anything too rare. If you have any ideas, say them when you reply.
 (if you do pokegen it, then please make it a replica of the event one, though i'd rather it not be shiny)
The pichu is only going to be used in game and not online.
Thank you for reading and if you are wiling to either gen me one or trade one, then mesage.
what would you offer for 1?
(Mar 29, 2019, 10:53 PM)Pkmnlover Wrote: what would you offer for 1?

I don't know, what kind of thing would you want. Any ideas?

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