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PSA: Breeding with 6IV Ditto's
Pokemon that are product of breeding, do not carry any data on their parents in them, meaning that there is no way to trace the parents of the product to the parents directly. In conclusion, using a 6IV Ditto that was hacked/modiffied will produce a Legit Pokemon by the game's standards. 

By no means they are a "Pure Legit" in reality, but by the game's code, they are. 

We honestly do not care on how you obtain your Pokemon. Weather that's through Hacking, Breeding or using a 6IV Ditto. This is a "safe haven" so to speak for on how you obtain your Pokemon. We wont ban or attack you for how you obtain something. But we understand that Hacking/modifying is against Pokemon's ToS. And in the moment of trading, if the player asks where did a Pokemon come from, he has the right to know where.

Thanks for your time. Love you <3

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