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PTCGO Username Master Thread
Post your PTCGO usernames here. I will try my best to maintain the list.

My username on ptcgo is levi15791.

Forum Username - PTCGO username

levi15791 - levi15791
Former Replay Moderator

Friend Safari
Type: Bug Pokemon: Paras, Venomoth, Illumise

Add me on LoL on EUW: MoneyDix
MWFlick - MWFlick819
Feel free to add me!
I need to buy some packs so I can trade in TCGO.
Legacy - _Legacy_
° Replay Mod ° Pokemon Master ° Powersaver/Cloner & Breeder °  

 #TeamReplay since January 2014

> Batman <

Prism - Prismcell
boredasfook - CarlosNg

I'm down for trading/battles.
yoursaviorsync - yoursaviorsync

Feel free to add me, trade me, fight me, talk with me... love me... jk Wink
GingerxPug - BiggBro12

Feel free to add me!
I'm just here.

Kodoman - Kodoman

Literally just started playing this a few days ago. Don't have many cards, but I dabble IRL here and there. Regret giving all my codes to my friends.
Username: OU7C4ST

I stream this myself, and looking to make the PTCGO community bigger.
I'm looking for more people who stream PTCGO as well, so we can share tips, watch each other play, etc. Smile

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