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Pokémon Bank
Hey there,

First of all, I'm quite new around here, so forgive me if this is not the right place to start this thread.
Moving on, I've a few questions regarding the Pokémon Bank that I was hoping you guys could help me with.
Now, when I was a kid, I played Red, Blue and Yellow, Silver and Gold, night and day. But that was that, I stopped my Pokémon adventure there (no idea why really).
I bought a new 2DS XL one or two months ago, and a copy of Pokémon Moon. Loved it to bits. I've just finished levelling my first battle team, and I'm almost done with their training, too.
Before that, I finished a living Pokédex (I believe that's what you call the full Pokédex with actual Pokémon, not just the registry?). I've also hatched and caught some shinies, and I've been offered a few others, too.
Problem is, my storage is getting full, and I've been considering the Pokémon Bank feature. That way not only could I continue my shiny expansion, but also finish the complete National Pokédex.
Now to the actual questions:
1. Is it safe?
2. I've no idea if the Pokémon I've been traded are "legal", or whatever, so if I put them there, can they break the bank or something?

The 5$/year isn't the problem. I just don't want to risk losing stuff because of corrupt saves or something like that.

Sorry for the long text!

Best regards,
It's completely safe, and hacked Pokémon will not harm the bank at all.  Smile
@Meckus yep this is the right forum to post threads like this!
As far as I know if a pokemon is an illegal hack (eg. a magikarp that knows flamethrower) it won't be able to be stored in your bank at all, but hacked mons with legal stats/moves/ability etc., like TheArtOfCade said, will pass through just fine.
Why Not Zoidberg?
Thank you very much guys! I guess I'll start going for a complete living national pokédex then  Tongue

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