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So I'm planning to homebrew my 3ds soon so I can help with stuff in the site...
And outside of pkhexing, I was thinking about perhaps helping with changing nicknames? I know I personally adore giving pokemon nicknames since I feel like it gives them personality so why not help people nickname pokemon that was traded to them?
But then I was thinking... Would it be rude to edit the name of pokemon that were given to someone? I'm not sure if that would be stepping on anyone's toes if I were to do so. :c
Im a bit confused, but what your saying is would it be rude to change the name of a Pokemon that was gifted or traded to you? If so then no, i dont think its rude at all. It shows the Pokemon that the new trainer (you) care about them Smile
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Pretty much! I remember reading this discussion about being able to rename a pokemon given to you despite being named or not.

There was alot more people against it than I had imagined. So... I thought that there was something I wasn't getting. But if you think so, thank gosh!
I think it would be a good idea! Suppose you get a Pokémon you really wanted from the GTS or Wondertrade(or another person), but it has a nickname you don't like. I think it's kind of you to offer your service because of this!
I think this is a great idea.  I have some  Pokes that i woud nike to have different names for.  Can't wait for it to start. :D
Thank you! Once I get homebrew up and running (the only thing stopping me from getting it is a /screwdriver/), I'll get a thread going for that service! :D
Cool idea! I don't think it's rude at all.
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