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Predicting Better
Does anyone have any suggestions when it comes to making better predictions mid-battle? I'm finding that I'm losing incredibly close games due to a bad prediction here and there. Also, choosing opening Pokémon. I feel like more often than not, I lose the lead battle and I have to play from behind almost instantly. Any tips are appreciated!
Well for the lead, for me it's pretty much either a guess or a core that I'm very confident about. However, mid-game, the best thing you can do is know the opponent's team very well. That's why I always take a picture of the opponent's team. Also, I feel like predictions is a thing you just learn over time by knowing the pokemons and their common switch-ins. So, just play a lot and you'll get! ^_^ However, while that worked for me, maybe it won't work with you. Maybe you could watch videos on youtube about the subject or something.
Well. I know how it feels, but i try to let myself in their brain so i know what they might do. Something like this:
Trainer Test sends out Charizard!
Trainer Cool sends out Greninja! (I predict that the Charizard is either going to Mega, switch to a grass type, or Solar Beam me,) So i go for a nice Ice Beam! (Cuz if he choose the first two ones its going to hit hard. If he megas into X of course. Try to choose the best move that could hit hardest or just setup if you predict he's going to switch.
Hope i helped! Smile
Literally just experience. You'll get better against different matchups and eventually know how to play against most of them :]

Basically this lol. But for real, to get better at predicting, watch more of other people's battlers (preferably experienced players), play more games and eventually you'll get the hang of it. Also before attacking, mentally ration out what the opponent thinks your going to do, what you think the opponent is going to do in response to that then play around that.
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This video helped me a lot. Also, Aaron Zheng is really good both at team preview and predictions, and he goes over his tought process in all of his commented battles in his channel, which is really nice.

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