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[RATE MY TEAM] 0kamii's 1st Place Emolga Team (Locals)
Kami, no offense, but.... do you gen?
@RetroTyphlosion Hey, Retro! Great to see you again.

And...interesting question. Uh, no I don't gen my pokemon. No offense taken, but can I ask what prompted such a question? I feel like I've made it perfectly clear that I'm a first-class breeder as well as a battler. I take the time to carefully breed my pokemon perfectly, natures, IVs, abilities, the works. And yes, that includes specific Hidden Powers. My Ninetales, in case you were wondering, was bred to have Hidden Power - Fire intentionally. It was purely random chance that it hatched male. I would've used a female, but that was just the first one I got. Of course, I then needed to Hyper Train the two IVs of 30, but getting to 100 in Sun and Moon just takes diligence. It can be done legitimately.

I don't use 'legal' mons, I'm an advocate of 'legitimate' mons only.

- 0kamii

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