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[RATE MY TEAM] Is this a good moveset for a Latias?
Hello, everybody! I'm currently attempting to build a competitive Team, and my starting point is my currently strongest Pokémon: The Latias that is catchable during the story of Alpha Sapphire.
[Image: 250px-Sugimori_380.png]

It has some great DV's, namely perfect Defense, Speed and Hp, near-perfect Attack and Special Defense and pretty good Special Attack.

I build it to be a staller, so I gave it the following moves:

Recover for healing itself,

Reflect Type in order to not suffer from super effective moves as much,

Toxic to hurt the Enemy over time, and finally

Dragon Pulse to speed up the killing process.

The biggest problem I have is the EV spread: Should I max out Defense and Special Defense to withstand most hits, or should I halve Latias' defensive prowess to invest into Hp and Speed?

Please let me know what you think, and how I should solve the IV problem!

I think it depends on the team you have and what you need to outspeed and what you need to tank hits from.

I'm not a big fan of mono Dragon attacking move with all these fairies running around nowadays. Psychic/Psyshock might be better here. But once again it all depends on the team and even the tier you are in. Best of luck. ^^
The issue with fairies being immune to dragon-type attacks is not such a big one, as I mainly kill with toxic and I wanted it to be kind of universal and independent of it's teammates. I know that such things are important, but I just started building a team, so I don't have that many battle-ready Pokémon.

Anyways, thanks for the comment, as I am definetly going to think about using psyschock Shy
Hey, Ultracool! Have you maybe considered swaping out the Latias entirely for a Marvel Scale Milotic? Marvel Scale ups Defense by 50% when you've got a status condition, and Milotic has great natural bulk. It has 95 base HP and 125 base Sp. Def. Pair that with Marvel Scale, maybe a Flame Orb + Toxic + Recover and you could stall for days. Just a thought for you.

- 0kamii

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