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[REQUEST] Toxic stall
Hey guys I'm trying to build a toxic stall Pokemon but idk who to run it with and what moves to give them, besides the obvious toxic.
i agree on shuckle, max out its health and split the rest between def and sp.def obv
if it could learn recycle the rest recycle shuckle would be op lol
i 4got which berries raise def or sp.def u can use 1 of those or leftovers i guess
infestation is a must, rest can be risky but is a great heal
u can run sticky web, stealth rock, or protect as the last move
ive never used shuckle so my advice might not be the best
if you run contrary shuckle dont use those barries
an umbreon with max HP and Sp.def that runs the moveset toxic,protect,wish,and foul play. And its hold item is leftovers.

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