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Redeem your pokemon
@moo311  It says its still on there! I will resubmit it to the GTS!
Putting in Mudbray (M) LVL 13 for Popplio
@lbeeh Enjoy Smile
Putting in Spinda (M) LVL 11 in for Deino. Hopefully no snipers hehe
@silverslash Online now. Btw I have a new fc

oky doky omw

tyvm moo rly appreciate it have a good rest of the day Smile

When would be the best time to set up a trade Smile
@Magic_Mutch Can you trade Friday around 12 PM EST? If not, my schedule is flexible
my exegg is still in for the muk

lvl 1 exegg female
wanna fill dex
@rayqon Enjoy Smile

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