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Redeem your pokemon
Pokemon Deposited: Exeggcute 
Level of deposited: 44
Gender of Deposited: Male
Pokemon requested: Stakataka
Message: Please trade pokemon with me. Thank in advance.
IGN: Heroeswrath

btw thanks for your previous giveaway. :D
@hsgcapoquian Pokemon from the other giveaway will be claimed in mid-January
..August 2018...
oh I see. Okay then. sorry.
@Yawedo Bouffalant
@Jardeeeeeeeeeeen Heatran
@Adridia Stakataka, Poiple, Smeargle
@rayqon Sceptile, Raichu, Clefable
@Yawedo Cloyster, Excavalier
@Brootox Dragonite
@carlocruzd14 Aeigislash, Lugia, Koko, Magnezone
@EndlessMc Stakataka, Blacephalon
@odoodo Gengar
@thebeardsone Umbreon, Crobat, Abomasnow, Venusaur
@Cjx768 Ponyta, Tyrunt, Torchic
@JoeBoss23 Glalie, Rotom, Aegislash
@element_x49 Metagross, Volcarona
@Jardeeeeeeeeeeen Stakataka
@slife Mew
@Black Waterfall Marshadow, Solgaleo, Keldeo, Terrakion
@Sun Juan Ho-oh, blacephalon, ninetales
@neko124 Zoroark
@Jebedex 2 thundurus, suicune, naganadel
@Mermalain Ampharos, Jellicent, Sylveon, Dragonair
@hsgcapoquian Stakataka, Poipole, Naganadel, Blacephalon
@Saichi Empoleon, Amoonguss, Mantine, Forretress
@Mackerel323 Lucario, Beedrill, Cloyster
@Voo Poipole, Blacephalon, Stakataka, Meloetta
@Umbreon9004 Marshadow
@Enrique154 2 Golem, Rapidash, Slowbro
@DinoGamer0 Meloetta, Victini, Keldeo, Volcanion
@alex-drakon Charizard, Naganadel, Kyogre
@meatchiel Naganadel, Cosmog, Necrozma
@CJ pokemon fan 2 Ninetales, Lucario, Latias
@Testmeister Heatran
@Schuenemann Birds, Mewtwo

Read the rules (there's only 2)
..August 2018...
Can you just remove mine please moo? I honestly don't remember asking for it, and don't really need it.
To Each Future We Go
@moo311 I'm sorry , but you can safely remove mine out of this list as I already moved this 4 requests(Any S/M post#2,365) to your latest GA (Mass genning), which we already done link trade.

P.S:Sorry for this confusion, I can't removed my request from that thread because it locked (I already stated in Mass genning thread(post#17) but later realised i can't edited it)Undecided
@Kris @Riola Sure
..August 2018...
I deposited a lvl 41 male exeggecute for forretress ign is hawkeye
i deposited a gible lv1 female for garchomp
@Saichi I don't see it Sad
@alex-drakon Enjoy Smile
..August 2018...

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