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[SHINY] Breeding Protean Froakies for shiny
I’ve been working off and on for several weeks now breeding Protean Froakies in my spare time in hopes of hatching a shiny one. So far I’ve hatched six shiny Torrent Froakies. Am I just having a run of bad luck or is a shiny Protean Froakie extremely rare?
Hey Monkah,
Protean is a hidden ability, so Froakies hatched will not have it, unless special measures are used. You will need to breed a Protean Froakie with a Ditto (this will let you pass on the HA no matter what gender the Froakie is) With this method, there is a 60% chance of the hatched Froakie being shiny regardless of the parent's gender. If Ditto is not used, only female Froakies can pass on the HA.
My guess is that you have a male Protean Froakie breeding with a female Torrent Froakie. Try replacing the female with a Ditto, this will allow offspring to be HA. You could also have bad luck, but the odds of hatching six Pokemon without the HA is a 3.888% chance, so it would be highly unlikely.
Hope this helps and best of luck,
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Not related but can I purchase one of those froakie or are they not for sale?

are one one of the shiny torrent froakies for sale?
Hey! Turns out I happen to have a ditto, a protean male froakie, and... time! If a shiny hatches, I’ll be sure to let ya know!

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