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[SHOP OPEN] HA Outlet: The Premier Hidden Ability Shop! ~ New FC!! For Returning Customers ~
@P35 still not seeing you?
Is that all? Also thank you so much! You've been really helpful and I can't believe how much you help the community  Big Grin
@wartty sorry i havent been on, i was at summer camp for a week Undecided anyways, yes, i still need that HA tyrunt. i have been SO many places looking for it by now, just give me any HA tyrunt. dont waste your time on ivs and egg moves, just get me it asap!(as soon as possible) i have added your by fc, will that make us see each other on festival plaza? anyways, i will try to be on here tosee a reply. THANKS!!!

EDIT: im still giving you that metagrossite
@HyperSonic567 all good I'm in no rush so I don't expect any of you guys to be either Smile how was camp? Lol but yeh you don't have to give me metagrossite just for that lil guy :p a rare candy will be more then enough ~
@wartty getting a rare candy from the battle royale dome now

By the way, how are we going to find each other in festival plaza?

PS:camp made me tired buti it was fun :D

EDIT: Ya im pretty sure we need to become friends to see each other. i have your FC inputed, see ya soon <3
ok... this is VERY bad timing Undecided someone on my first post just traded the tyrunt i needed so... ya...
if you still want the rare candy i guess i can give you it but now i dont need the HA poke.
@HyperSonic567 lol that's fine I'm just happy you got helped some how :p was there any other HA guys you were in need of? Since I already made you buy the rare candy xP
Hi, im interested in the HA tyrunt too Smile been lurking in gts but no luck haha i have a HA froakie and i can buy a rare candy if your good to trade. Thanks Smile
@memits14 lol sure I got a couple extra hanging around still :p when works for you?
(Jul 18, 2017, 07:39 AM)wartty Wrote: @memits14 lol sure I got a couple extra hanging around still :p when works for you?
Cool, im at the festival plaza right now if your up Smile if not then im gonna be baxk around 10pm est.

Do you have other HA pokemon from other gen i can buy with rare candy? Smile

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